Thanks to the double-stage steam boiler economizer, we are heating boiler feed water from 180 to 120 degrees in the first echo. From the second echo, we heat 55 degrees of water from the flue gas falling to 110 degrees and reduce the waste flue gas to 75 degrees. We provide cooling air of 50-60 degrees which is used in the air compressors of boiler boiler and improves combustion efficiency and all our steam lines and valves are insulated. Totally 10% efficiency and natural gas savings are achieved.


Thanks to our investment in plate waste water heat exchangers, we reduce the process time due to the hot water demand and act environmentally in waste management as well as save up to 7% natural gas. We incorporate fresh air from the flue gas into the air and re-incorporate it into our processes. We reduce waste air from 190 degrees to 110 degrees. In order to prevent heat losses and reduce carbon emission, we invest in isolation and control all flue lines and transfer devices. All of our electronic motors have a frequency controller that regulates the electric current and we use more green led lighting. Our water wastes are treated by Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone Waste Center, which we have chosen to invest in. We send our oil waste to the disposal center.

Social Responsibility

We support the development of our employees, eliminate the deficiencies of educational institutions around us and equip them in the technological sense. We support equestrian sports for 20 years and achieve success.


We pass the conformity tests and audits of global fashion brands such as H&M and Zara. We have international standards and Ecotex certificate.